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Title: Testing the Waters
Pairing:  Kingsley/Snape
Word Count: 10x 100
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: unbeta'd watersports
Challenge: #56 watersports


Kingsley sipped his beer as he looked around.  There was a game of what looked like football in the pool.  Out on the lake there were people pedaling boats and riding motorized craft to and fro.  His brow furrowed.  He was obviously overdressed for whatever was going on here.


"Not quite as advertised is it?"  A low silky voice asked from his left.


There stood Severus Snape alive and well and wearing a Speedo. 




"To Muggles watersports are a completely different matter, altogether."


Kingsley's eyebrows rose dramatically.  Had he been so transparent?


"If you're interested I know a place."




Kingsley gaped. 


"Is that a no?"  Severus asked after a moment.


"No..yes..I mean where?"


"Outdoor showers just over there."  Severus turned towards them.


Kingsley followed.


They entered the cubicle on the end; it only had three sides.  He shivered.


"Too many clothes."  Severus muttered.


Kingsley shimmied out of his clothing, leaving him clad only his tight tan pants. 


"So how do you like it?"


The silky voice curled over Kingsley's prick.


"On your knees shower fashion? Head to head, as it were?  Or someone dancing desperately until it finally flows out over his tightly grasped fingers?"


Kingsley's prick began to harden. 





"Perhaps I should have asked first: giving or receiving?"  Severus asked his voice deepened with desire.


"Both…either."  Kingsley whispered as he willed his prick to deflate.


Severus turned the shower on just enough to produce a stream of water.  He raised one eyebrow.  "It appears you will not be giving.  I’m quite full and the water…"  He took a sharp breath.  "Is encouraging me to let go."


Kingsley's mind raced.  He didn't care as long as tall, dark and dark pissed his brains out all over him. 

"Had your chance."  Severus said as he pulled his prick out. 




Kingsley watched raptly as a long golden stream struck his covered prick, warming and wetting him and making his pants transparent.


Severus stopped; he panted and balled his hands into fists.  Kingsley's hand moved towards his prick.


"Stop!"  Severus demanded.  "Don't touch yourself."


Kingsley let out an unmanly whimper and prick expanded so his cockhead peeped up over the top of his pants.  Severus let another stream go directed at the bulging flesh.


Kingsley groaned and his prick twitched. "Can't…."  He pulled his prick from his pants and he began to wank furiously as Severus began to piss in earnest.




The stream of piss was directed at his prick, his hand, even his balls.  If he didn't slow himself down he'd be done in a minute just like a teenager.  Severus, however, played as dirty as he talked.  The man's voice taunted and teased him; he could wank to that voice alone.


It was too much the piss, the filthy suggestions and the excitement that they could be caught at any moment overwhelmed his control.  He squeezed himself tight in a vain attempt to hold out, but his cock was already pulsing.  His cream spattered across Severus' belly and prick.




Kingsley leaned back against the wall for support.  Severus swiped a finger through the white emission on his belly and sucked it off his finger.


Kingsley groaned and his spent prick twitched with interest.


"Like that?"  Severus asked.


"Oh yeah."  Kingsley breathed.  Now that he'd come the running water made his own bladder insistent on release.   "You ready?"  He asked as he took his prick in hand.


"Yes, but not here."


"But I have to…"


"I'm certain you can wait."  Severus said smoothly.


Kingsley wasn't at all certain.


"There are punishments for naughty boys who wet themselves."


Kingsley groaned.





"Get dressed."


"But I really have to…"


"The sooner you get dress the sooner you can."


Kingsley pulled his wet pants back up.  His prick thought it was license to let go; he squeezed it tightly.


"None of that.  Certainly the Minister of Magic won't wet himself."


"Turn off the water."  Kingsley demanded.


"Get dressed and the water won't be a problem."  Severus countered.


Kingsley scrambled into his clothes.


Severus grabbed him and they side-along appparated. 


First, the cool stones under his feet made him shiver.  Not good when you needed badly to piss.  And then he heard the running water, again.




"Snape, enough."


"Oh, not nearly enough."  Severus said as he stepped out of his suit.


Kingsley's mouth went dry.  Merlin, the man's prick looked good and it was getting bigger.


"Clothes off, please."  Severus turned and picked up a riding crop.


Kingsley was naked in a second and he grabbed for his prick as the cool air hit it.


Severus raised an eyebrow.  "If you must."  Then he took the handle of the crop and ran it down Kingsley's chest, over his hip, under his balls.  Kingsley squeezed his thighs tightly together.


"Does the Minister like it from behind?"




Severus stepped behind him and ran the handle of the riding crop along his crack.  He made a guttural noise.


"So you do like that."  This time the handle stopped to lightly tease the tight hole.


Kingsley's hand tighten.  "Fuck!"


"Not at the moment."  Severus drawled as he came around in front of Kingsley.


"Severus please…I really can't wait."  Kingsley pressed his thighs hard together.


"Have you ever drunk from the source?"




Severus knelt down and then ran his thumb over Kingsley's slit.  It was too much and piss ran between Kingsley's fingers.  Severus lapped at the golden shower.




The trickle became a flood and Severus moved back to take spray across his chest.  He reached for his hard prick and wanked.  He shimmed backwards and Kingsley took the hint, directing the flow to the fat prick and hard working hand. 


The sound of the running water spurred him and pissed and pissed.  He watched as Severus threw back his head and groaned as he came in long, white ropes across the dark stone floor.


After a moment, Severus opened his eyes.  Kingsley held out a hand and Severus took it as he stood up.


"Where are we?"


"Don't ask."


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