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Title: It's Just Lust Part 11
Pairing: Snape/Lupin, student Regulus makes an appearance
Word Count: 1,241
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Unbeta'd. Watersports
Challenge: Day 11 May Madness
Author's Notes: Written for hp may madness...this was the watersports portion. It stands alone.


Severus shifted slightly. He was going to have to get out of bed soon. At the moment he didn’t want to. He wanted to revel in Remus in bed with him, the dinner had been very good, the company excellent and the sex exceptional. When he left for dinner last night he didn't expect Remus to have rented a room, 'just in case' as he had said. He shifted again in an attempt to relieve the mounting pressure in his bladder.

"Stop fidgeting, Severus." Remus croaked. "You don't have anywhere to go."

"Actually, I do. To the loo. If you'd move for a moment."

Remus flipped around and looked him in the eye. "Oh, I'm certain you can wait a bit."

Severus searched Remus eyes, face for a sign. The man didn't …he couldn't …it wasn't normal, was it?

He thought back to his first and only encounter with this particular kink. And it was a kink. Who would have thought piss was something to play with.

Regulus had been completely in his cups when they'd stumbled in the loo attached to the Slytherin sleeping quarters. He took one look at the urinal and stripped off his clothes.

"Can't aim for shite." He slurred.

"And clothes make your aim worse?" Severus had asked.

"Shower." He nodded. "Giant drain. Plenty of space to piss." His clothes hit the floor.

Severus found that he had been stripping right along with the other boy and followed behind directly him. It made some sort of sense. Besides being naked with Regulus might have its advantages. Regulus straddled the drain with one hand on his prick and one hand holding up the wall. Severus joined him, ready to let go as well. A groan erupted from Regulus and Severus felt the hot stream of urine hit his prick full force. He should have jumped back. Instead he groaned and leaned in for more. He watched the yellow flood flow over his prick. Merlin, it was hot. Damn his bloody prick! The thing always had a mind of its own but now, he feared he might come simply from this. There was no choice but to hang on. He knew he should, but he couldn't possibly take the rapidly stiffening organ out of the torrent even if someone else had walked in.

Regulus didn't look, he simply continued to piss. Severus had never felt anything like this. He had never imagined this could be so arousing. His bladder signaled its desperation, but his other need was twice as great. Regulus' stream finally dwindled and the boy sank to the floor and leaned against the tile wall, eyes still closed.

Severus looked at the thick prick in his hand. He almost wanked right there, but he could imagine his humiliation if Regulus opened his eyes. Carefully and as quickly as he could he sidled over to the urinals with his back to the other boy he began to wank. It was ridiculously short session even for an adolescent. He covered the back of the urinal with spurt after spurt of cream. His prick still throbbed with his orgasm when his bladder gave way and he started to piss. He directed the stream to clean off the white porcelain that he had anointed.

To this day he wanked to that memory on occasion.

"Lupin…" Severus whispered.

"If you wait, I'll let you piss on me or I will on you whichever you prefer." Remus cajoled.

Warm rough fingers wrapped around his stiffening prick. He almost pissed right there. Fortunately, years of control kicked in and he held on. His eyes went back to Remus'.

"You can have what you want." Remus assured him.

His breath came in soft pants as Remus gently kneaded his prick. "Both." He breathed. "I want both and I want to come."

"Of course." Remus assured. He pushed Severus onto his back.

Severus stiffened and held on. It was more difficult not to piss like this. A moment later Remus was sucked hard on the prick that his hand had caressed. Severus' hips bucked up, it was dangerous, his control was tenuous at best. Remus sucked and licked and Severus' prick bounced and begged for release. He clenched his fists again. Piss threatened to ruin the moment and pour down Remus' throat. He groaned loudly. Remus tugged his tightened balls down and lapped at his prick as if it was a lolly. Severus' head thrashed from side to side. He wanted to piss. He wanted to come. He wanted to be pissed on.

"Remus…" He was about to beg.

"I told that you could have what you want." Remus growled. He rose up onto his knees between Severus' legs. "Watch."

Severus' eyes were riveted to his own hard prick. Remus made a low sound and the hot stream poured over the organ that throbbed in front of him.

Severus' breath caught. And then he began to mutter "Fuck, oh fuck. Please…fuck."

Remus continued to piss, but also grabbed Severus' prick and pulled it hard and fast. Severus could barely keep his eyes on what was going on between his legs. It was too much he couldn't wait to let go. To let it all go. Remus moved his stream down to hit Severus' balls directly. Between the talented hand and the pissed he was lost.

"Coming!" He groaned his voice low and rough.

Remus put his face directly over the purpled prick. Severus' orgasm ripped through him. Remus' face took shot after shot. Severus bucked and shuddered, things went a bit grey. The voice in his head kept chanting fuck. Finally, at an end he could feel his bladder about to give. He grabbed his prick and clamped down as tightly as he dared on the sensitive organ.

"I can't wait Remus, I can't." Severus lamented.

Remus flipped over onto his back. "Clean me up, Severus."

Severus didn't have time to hesitate; the piss had already left his bladder. Remus' eyes pleaded. They both moaned as the piss left Severus' prick. He sprayed Remus' face and Remus stuck out his tongue to catch what he could.

"Finish me, Severus." Remus begged.

Severus turned his attention to Remus' prick which the other man's hand worked frenetically. He directed the warm, yellow stream down Remus' body to that exact spot it was required.

"More, Severus. Please more…"

Severus focused his piss up and down the throbbing prick. Remus kept up his mantra of 'more,more'. Severus did his best, but he knew his was near the end.
Suddenly, Remus' erupted and his chant changed to 'fuck, fuck' as he head thrashed back and forth on the pillow. Severus watched in amazement as Remus' cream landed on the pillows, the werewolf's face, his shoulder and finally, more normally across his chest. The last of his own emission dripped out and he gave himself the requisite tap.

"Gods, Severus!"

Severus rolled onto the bed next to Remus. They both still fought to catch their breath. Severus couldn't believe what had just happened and what was more astonished to note that his brain was more than willing to do it again right now.
He was cradled into Remus' side by one strong arm. As all the liquid cooled, he squirmed.

Remus cast a quick charm and they were dry. "Handy being a wizard sometimes."

Severus blinked. Being a wizard was quite…the thought was not finished as he fell back to sleep.
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