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The [livejournal.com profile] rain_of_gold community now has a full set of tags and all entries have been tagged! Thank you to our community's owner for letting me jump in today and organize to my heart's content :-)

I'll try to keep up with future entries, but feel free to use the tags now available the next time you post something to the community. You can view the tags in the community's sidebar menu or on the community tag page.

There are # tags for use by mods or to designate a post is part of an official rain-of-gold community challenge/fest.

There are .type tags for different types of posts: art, doujinshi, fic, iso (in search of), rec (recommendation).

And there are many more fandom tags than we've had before.

I hope you find these useful in browsing for content here. Read some fics you missed the first time around and leave feedback! Use it as an excuse to rediscover some old favorites! Post something new just so you can try out some shiny new tags! Enjoy :-)
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Because there seems to be people who are confused:

"This community is for urophilia fan fic and art." That is a the first sentence of the second paragraph on the info page for this community.

This is not a general watersports community. It is strictly for posting stories and art in various fandoms. Please do not post things that belong on your personal journal in this community. If you do, your post will most likely be deleted and you are in danger of having your posting access removed.


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