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It's been terribly slow here, so I thought maybe I could interest some writers/readers out there in a comment fic fest.

Post prompts as replies here for stories/fics that could feature watersports. Include any of the following: fandom, pairing, rating, situation. Post as many prompts as you like--with ONE prompt per post. If you see a prompt that inspires you, write for it and post it as a reply to the prompt. You can prompt without writing and write without prompting. You can post as many fills as you like. No pressure, just fun. Make sure anything you prompt/fill adheres to the guidelines of the community (no real person slash, no underage characters, no pimping, no photographs, etc.).

Prompt examples:
*Harry Potter, Draco/Harry, any rating. At the beginning of their relationship Draco uses magic to trick Harry into some pissplay with him. Then he realizes Harry knew about the trick all along and allowed it to happen because he shares the same kink.
*Any characters, any fandom. One character has a condition where he has to go to the bathroom a whole lot. He apologizes for it repeatedly, but the other character is not complaining *G*

*Can I write a fic for a prompt that's already been filled? Absolutely!
*Do I have to claim a prompt in order to write it? Nope. Write whatever you like whenever you like.
*Can I post my piece elsewhere? Of course, it's yours. Do what you like with it.
*Can I post it elsewhere and just link to it here? Sure, as long as the place you're linking to isn't friends-locked.
*Can I fill my own prompt? Go right ahead.

Master List of Fills:
Supernatural, Sam/Dean (I gather from the guidelines that Wincest is okay, as long as they're of age), Sam is having nightmares about Hell, wets the bed. Sleeps with Dean for comfort, wets the bed while sharing, Dean is more than fine with it, provides sexy comfort.
FILL: The Nightmare (Supernaural, Sam/Dean) by [livejournal.com profile] katekintail

Any characters, any fandom. A male character is stuck alone somewhere and really, truly, badly needs a wee. He describes in great detail everything he's feeling to someone on the phone. Maybe he's just complaining and wants the other person to know how inconvenient this is... or maybe this is just their shared kink. Either way, lots of details.
FILL: Between Doors (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Wesley/Giles) by [livejournal.com profile] justwolf

Remus/Severus, Harry Potter, R or higher. Two characters both desperately need to piss, but neither one wants to admit it out loud. So they try to push the other as far as they can in hopes that the other breaks first. This leads to trying to have sex while having extremely full and sensitive bladders. It's pretty obvious that the first one who comes will be the first one to have an accident. And so they start pushing each other sexually as well... kissing and touching and stroking in just the right places to drive the other crazy with desire.
FILL: Methods of Restraint (Harry Potter, Remus/Severus) by [livejournal.com profile] scatteredscript

Harry Potter, Het or Slash, one character (male or female....) secretly like to play with desperation but didnt have the courage to go all the way yet. When they finally do someone catches them. (I'd love if it was Snape) and decide to get in on the fun (maybe set tasks for them, D/S is totally okay with me, has them push their limits in class/public)
FILL: Games Wizards Play (Harry Potter, Severus/Remus) by [livejournal.com profile] katekintail

Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel fandom, Spike/Angel(us). Despite Angel(us) telling him lots of times to go and have a pee, Spike refuses to do so. They're going to be away from any toilets for several hours, and Spike gradually realises he really, really needs to pee. He tries not to let Angel(us) know at first, but eventually it becomes obvious. Angel(us) is cross with him, but also very tolerant, and tried to help his boy not have an accident. However, Spike eventually does wet himself. I'd like Angel(us) to be comforting, but also aroused. A D/s vibe would be great. For this fic, we can decide that vampires pee like normal humans, whether or not that makes biological sense!
FILL: Accidents (Angel the Series, Angel/Spike) by [livejournal.com profile] katekintail
FILL: Fetish and Loathing on the Way to Vienna (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angelus/Spike) by [livejournal.com profile] katekintail

Harry Potter, femslash or solo including Ginny would be epic. Any rating. Ginny secretly enjoys wetting herself on purpose underneath her skirt in public settings.
FILL: Wet Feet (Harry Potter, Ginny/Hermione) by [livejournal.com profile] justwolf


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