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I wrote my first watersports fic, and thought this community might like to read. It was written for this prompt on [livejournal.com profile] avengerkink, as a part of the fill exchange.

Title: 500mL
Fandom: MCU/Avengers
Relationship(s): Bruce Banner/Tony Stark
Word Count: 1,836
Rating: Explicit
Additional Tags: Desperation Play, Manhandling, Iron Man Suit Kink, Barebacking, Wet & Messy
Summary: Tony interrupts Bruce in the lab for some quick and dirty suit-assisted wall sex. Unfortunately, Bruce has been working without a break and has to pee.
Tony used his gauntleted hand to pull Bruce closer even as his bare hand slid underneath the hem of Bruce’s tee. “Exactly.” And then Tony slid smoothly to his knees to start mouthing at the strip of skin he had just exposed. “You are such a tease. . .”

Bruce wanted to object, but at the first press of Tony’s mouth to his abdomen he froze, tense. Even before Tony had come over and started kissing him, Bruce had been considering taking a break because his concentration was starting to fail. The reason for that loss of concentration chose that moment to come rushing back:

It had been over five hours not moving from his chair, slurping coffee, and now Bruce really had to pee.

(Read on AO3)
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It's the season for luuuuuve, so I thought we could try another comment fic fest. There's no pressure, only fun and kink! Prompts & fills can be Valentine's Day-themed or not; it's up to you.

Post prompts as replies here for stories/fics that could feature watersports. Include any of the following: fandom, pairing, rating, situation. Post as many prompts as you like--with ONE prompt per post. If you see a prompt that inspires you, write for it and post it as a reply to the prompt. You can prompt without writing and write without prompting. You can post as many fills as you like. No pressure, just fun. Make sure anything you prompt/fill adheres to the guidelines of the community (no real person slash, no underage characters, no pimping, no photographs, etc.).

Prompt examples:
*Harry Potter, Draco/Harry, any rating. At the beginning of their relationship Draco uses magic to trick Harry into some pissplay with him. Then he realizes Harry knew about the trick all along and allowed it to happen because he shares the same kink.
*Any characters, any fandom. One character has a condition where he has to go to the bathroom a whole lot. He apologizes for it repeatedly, but the other character is not complaining *G*

*Are you sure I can post a prompt even if I'm not writing any? Sure. Go ahead and inspire our writers!
*Can I write a fic for a prompt that's already been filled? Absolutely!
*Do I have to claim a prompt in order to write it? Nope. Write whatever you like whenever you like.
*Can I post my piece elsewhere? Of course, it's yours. Do what you like with it.
*Can I post it elsewhere and just link to it here? Sure, as long as the place you're linking to isn't friends-locked.
*Can I fill my own prompt? Go right ahead.
*Can I fill a prompt with an art piece instead of a story? Of course.

Master List of Fills:
Any fandom, any male/male, any rating, trapped in elevator and needing to pee
FILL: God Yes (BBC Sherlock, Sherlock/John) by [livejournal.com profile] toratio

Any, any pairing, a character gets spanked every time he/she has an accident. Luckily, the character loves getting spanked so starts playfully having accidents on purpose.
FILL: Ask Me No Questions (BBC Sherlock, Irene/Molly) by [livejournal.com profile] justwolf

Harry Potter - Snape and/or Lupin - A long night at the Leaky Cauldron and a bumpy right home in the Knight Bus. They may have an accident in the bus, or do they make it home?
FILL: Unpredictable (Harry Potter, Snape/Remus) by [livejournal.com profile] katekintail

Marvel/Avengers, Clint/Coulson, Hawkeye's on stakeout and really needs to take a break to piss but he doesn't want to leave his post and let Coulson down on the mission. Bonus points for Clint breaking down and describing his desperation to Coulson over the com.
FILL: Under Cover (Marvel/Avengers, Clint/Coulson) by [livejournal.com profile] katekintail

Two characters in a D/s relationship. When one character is feeling very submissive, they wet themselves. The other character LOVES this.
FILL: For Me (Buffyverse, Xander/Spike) by [livejournal.com profile] katekintail


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