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stealthboat ([personal profile] stealthboat) wrote in [community profile] rain_of_gold2017-04-15 10:32 am

A Quick Moderator Note

Hi folks, this is one of your erstwhile moderators. I'm not sure whether anyone is still reading this community, but I wanted to let everyone know that because of issues with LiveJournal involving ownership and content, about which you may have read in the news, this community is being imported in its entirety to Dreamwidth. The comm on LiveJournal will continue to exist for as long as possible, but I wanted to give people a heads-up because all entries posted at LiveJournal now appear at Dreamwidth under the OpenID of the original poster. You can claim your OpenID and link it to your Dreamwidth account, or, if you object to your entries being on Dreamwidth (which is far more protective of you and your content than LJ has ever been), you can have your posts removed. Unfortunately there was no way to import selectively; it was the entire comm or nothing to prevent stories from disappearing forever if there's a LiveJournal crackdown.

I'm sorry if this inconveniences anyone. Protecting this community and its content was the primary concern. Please feel free to join the community at Dreamwidth.

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Thanks! how do I find the community on Dreamwidth?